We hope you find these galleries as interesting as we do. Each home has a story. Note that many photos show underlying problems; diagnosing the root of the need for new insulation is very important. By addressing underlying problems, you will not need to replace insulation prematurely – and may be able to prevent other damage to your house as well.

Gallery 1

Vents in this home were causing moist air flow between the floors. This home was built in the late 90s with typical penetrations and air leaks that cause ice dams and lost energy dollars.

Gallery 2

Larger homes with complicated roof sections have challenging but solvable problems. A review with a trained expert can set you on the road to resolving these issues.

Gallery 3


Gallery 4

Remodeled 70s colonial in Mentor area.


Gallery 5

Infrared Imaging Gallery

A common problem for us with newer built homes is that the baffles are not placed at soffits correctly to stop insulation from blowing back at overhangs. Northwest exposures, higher elevation homes and houses with supply ducts in the attics are prime candidates for these problems. Attention to detail and knowledgeable installers are keys to avoiding this problem.

Thermal imaging is such a great tool because it enables us to find problems at the start and to check our work at the end of the job to prove the work that we did.

Critter Control Cleanup

What to do after your guests have been removed. Some jobs are smaller where we can remove and treat the damaged area only. Others involve large removal and treatment of contaminated areas. Each job is quoted on an as-need basis. Most insurance will pay for these services.

We also can handle interior painting and staining removal.